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Playing Pool with a Dual-Armed Robot

via Hacked Gadgets /  Alan Parekh

Thomas Nierhoff   a masters student at Technische Universität München (TUM), used a human-sized mobile robot with dual 7-DOF (degrees of freedom) arms that’s able to manipulate a pool cue similarly to how a human does. A camera above the table tracked the positions of the balls and helped the robot plan its shots, separating each into various difficulty thresholds to help the bot decide which it should take.


Texai Remote Presence System

Based on the amount of interest in Texai, we have created a new company called Suitable Technologies, Inc., to bring the technology to market.


Motoman VS-Series 7-Axis Robots

présentation à l’ICRA 2011 (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation) de deux bras robotisés Motoman VS50

Motoman VS-Series 7-Axis Robots

Innovative 7-axis design dramatically increases freedom of movement and maintains proper welding posture at all times. Located in lower arm, seventh axis (E-axis) acts as elbow, providing tremendous additional flexibility.

  • 7-axis robot can reduce floorspace by providing high-density robot spacing
  • Versatile robot can improve joint access when mounted in wall- or ceiling-orientation
  • Streamlined design with seventh axis (“elbow”) improves torch access into tight spaces or reaches around both sides of part

VS50 »

  • Base axes move 30% faster than heavy-payload robots, resulting in shorter takt times and higher throughput
  • Yaskawa’s compact actuators and higher-frequency DC welding led to new lightweight spot guns
  • Guns are available in X- or C-type configurations with 600-kg clamping force and 15,000-Amp capacity
  • Due to lighter gun, robot uses less power, even at its faster speeds. When combined with improved efficiency of smaller DC guns, VS50 robot offers 50% power savings compared to traditional larger robots and guns
  • Innovative design with integrated spot harness prevents interference and reduces programming time

TED : Military robots and the future of war

TED military robots

>L’homme transcendé


Suguru Goto explore l’extension des potentialités dans la relation homme-machine. Sa performance joue sur l’interaction entre les images vidéo représentant des corps virtuels et le corps de l’artiste présent sur scène, qui peut, grâce à son BodySuit, transformer ces images en temps réel.

>The X-RHex Hexapedal Robot