Motoman VS-Series 7-Axis Robots

présentation à l’ICRA 2011 (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation) de deux bras robotisés Motoman VS50

Motoman VS-Series 7-Axis Robots

Innovative 7-axis design dramatically increases freedom of movement and maintains proper welding posture at all times. Located in lower arm, seventh axis (E-axis) acts as elbow, providing tremendous additional flexibility.

  • 7-axis robot can reduce floorspace by providing high-density robot spacing
  • Versatile robot can improve joint access when mounted in wall- or ceiling-orientation
  • Streamlined design with seventh axis (“elbow”) improves torch access into tight spaces or reaches around both sides of part

VS50 »

  • Base axes move 30% faster than heavy-payload robots, resulting in shorter takt times and higher throughput
  • Yaskawa’s compact actuators and higher-frequency DC welding led to new lightweight spot guns
  • Guns are available in X- or C-type configurations with 600-kg clamping force and 15,000-Amp capacity
  • Due to lighter gun, robot uses less power, even at its faster speeds. When combined with improved efficiency of smaller DC guns, VS50 robot offers 50% power savings compared to traditional larger robots and guns
  • Innovative design with integrated spot harness prevents interference and reduces programming time


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